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We're Super Good Software, an agency that specializes in developing and maintaining world-class eCommerce software. We build online storefronts, third-party integrations, business automations, apps, and more. We're experienced Ruby on Rails, Spree/Solidus, and React developers who will solve any technical or business problem you throw at us.

We're an intentionally small agency that works closely with our clients. No one wants to be left with a low-quality codebase that an agency built as fast as they could so they could move on to the next thing. For that reason, we generally don't take one-off projects and instead focus on building long-term relationships where our incentives are aligned with our clients.

Our bread and butter is application development, whether it's an existing project or something from scratch. If you want to help your team level up, we offer various forms of team education. For overdue projects, bug-ridden codebases, and all manner of rolling disasters, we offer project recovery, and if you just need some help making sure your project is headed the right direction, we even offer technical project management.

For help at any stage of your project, from conception to growth to maintenance, we can help. We'll work with you to come up with a plan that fits your business and project. Get in touch! 👋

Super GoodSuper Good
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