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More than the gist

Advice, insights and announcements from the Super Good team. We write articles about Solidus, Ruby, Rails and software development in general.

RailsDebugging The Zeitwerk Migration
5 min read
Senem Soy
on February 27, 2024

SolidusSuper Good's Solidus TaxJar extension hits 1.0.0
1 min read
Benjamin Wil & Chris Todorov
on February 01, 2024

RailsRails Domain Redirects
2 min read
Jared Norman
on October 31, 2023

RailsFrom Developer to Rails Developer,
and Then Some
19 min read
Benjamin Wil
on September 26, 2023

Software-developmentWriting Code You Don't Intend to Keep
6 min read
Cameron Day
on August 29, 2023
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