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We build exceptional software.
And even better developers. We’re hiring.

We’re a globally-minded team and we take our values seriously. We’re fully-remote and currently span just 2 timezones while our clients span 12.

What's it like here

Our communication systems are set up to support a close-knit but fully remote team. Hours can be flexible and your office can be anywhere.

We foster a culture of growth where everyone has access to the resources they need to develop their skills. Expect internal education, knowledge sharing, workshops, conferences etc.

We welcome all people into our development team. Discrimination has no place here. Leading with inclusivity and openness is the Super Good way.

How we do things

Client work
We work with clients whose values align with ours so we always feel great about doing our best work with them. Being on the same page from day one also means we’ll likely have long, meaningful relationships, full of growth opportunities and rewarding achievements.

Team integration
We integrate with our clients, becoming more like partners with a collective hive mind than an outsourced solution. As an agile team, we work iteratively, with value and outcomes sitting at the centre of our process. Don't expect to find any fixed-bid projects or tight deadlines here.

Technologies we use
Application development is our bread and butter. We build open-source solutions primarily using Solidus. As leaders in the Solidus space, we share information openly and continuously push boundaries to be the best team of Solidus leaders and status quo challengers.
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