Build on a scalable platform designed for productivity

For most projects, we use Ruby on Rails. It's a mature platform with great third-party support, and it's constantly receiving new features, security improvements, and performance boosts.

Rails is opinionated, which makes it great for starting new projects. It comes with batteries-included, ready for developers to quickly start building out new applications without fussing over setup and configuration.

Additionally, Ruby on Rails has a great community, and there are lots of Rubyists out there, if you're looking to hire internal developers.

Ruby on Rails is trusted by huge companies like Shopify and Github, and we have the experience to help you scale it up to handle the traffic of Product Hunt launches and Black Friday sales.

If you want a new Rails app, or need help with an existing project, we've got you covered. We can track down unreproducible bugs, find subtle security issues, or build you a beautiful new app from scratch.

Let's build something with Ruby