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Leverage a high-volume ecommerce platform that gives you total control.
Solidus is our home base. We were in the room at its inception and remain a part of the core team that guides its development. This open source platform is built for customization and is used by some of the internet’s biggest storefronts.
Super flexible
If you want to deliver a highly customized ecommerce experience, have unique business requirements, or are wildly ambitious with your company's vision, Solidus is likely the platform for you. Like its predecessor Spree, Solidus is a Ruby on Rails-based ecommerce platform that allows for unlimited customization.

Built for growth
Where hosted ecommerce platforms can compromise growth and flexibility, Solidus brings solutions. Built for high-volume stores with complex needs, it has a mature feature set, scalable framework, and an exciting roadmap ahead. Wherever you’re going, Solidus can take you there.

Community driven
Solidus is an open source project led by a diverse and talented team of developers around the globe. We’re proudly a part of the project’s core team and we regularly contribute to its ongoing development alongside its large community of ecommerce specialists.
Visit the Solidus website → Explore Solidus on Github →
What we’re able to build is only restricted by your imagination. From custom shopping experiences to enterprise-level integrations and admin tools-we've seen and done it all. See some examples of our work and read our blog for more info. When you're ready to get building, let's talk.
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