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Solidus Conf 2019 Is Coming Up

Published September 30, 2019
by Jared Norman

Jared Norman is an experienced software developer and the founder of Super Good Software. Follow Jared on Twitter!

Published September 30, 2019

Solidus Conf 2019 is only three weeks away. From October 21st to 24th, you’ll find the Solidus community gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah for two days of conference talks and two days of hack days. If you’re at all a part of the Solidus ecosystem, you’ll want to be there.

Salt Lake City itself has a lot to offer, but that’s not why you should go. Whether you’re running a store yourself, building and maintaining stores for others, or working on the services that power eCommerce, our annual conference always has something for everyone.

Every year the speakers deliver talks showcasing impressive new possibilities for the platform, exciting new extensions, and strategies for building the best eCommerce experiences out there. If you run a store on Solidus, you’ll want to be there to see how others are leveraging the customizability of the Solidus platform to drive their businesses forward.

It’s not just the speakers that have a lot to say, though. The conference is always a center for discussions with the core team, the stakeholders team, contributors and users about the direction of the platform. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with everyone in the same room, so it’s important to be there to make your voice heard.

Most importantly, the conference is where a lot of the connections happen that allow us to leverage the benefits of building on Solidus as an open source platform. Solidus moves forward the fastest when the community works together towards shared goals.

Solidus Conf is a great place to collaborate. Get inspired. Learn how others solved the same problems you’re facing. Find someone who needs the same integration you do and work together. This community is full of really talented people, so if you’re not at the conference, you’re not getting the full value out of the Solidus ecosystem.

If you haven’t picked up tickets for you or your team yet, do that here. If cost is an issue, reach out! We run these events to continue building a stronger community around the platform and we don’t want people missing out for financial reasons.

If you’re a company that works in the ecosystem or provides services to eCommerce stores, it’s not too late to sponsor! You’ll be getting visibility in front of both store owners and agencies, and it’s a great place to drive interest within the community.

I’m excited to see all the cool new things people have built on the platform and help hash out the project’s direction! I hope to see you there!

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