Solidus Roadmap Update Q2 2020 Released

Written by Jared Norman
Published July 09, 2020

With the second quarter of 2020 in the rear view mirror, it’s time to revisit the progress being made on the Solidus eCommerce platform. Alessandro Desantis has just published the roadmap update over on the Solidus blog and there’s lots to be excited about. Two of the new extensions stand out to us as big steps forward for Solidus.

Headless CMS Integration

solidus_content streamlines the process of integrating with the ecosystem of headless CMS systems that have become very popular for managing all kinds of content for eCommerce storefronts. Integrating with these platforms is a really great way to provide your marketing and merchandising teams with flexible tools that help them be more effective.

GraphQL Support

We’re really pleased to see that solidusgraphyqlapi is ready for use. It brings a feature-complete GraphQL API to Solidus, enabling a host of new integrations and next-generation application architectures. GrahpQL is a great way to enable your frontend teams to build rich and dynamic frontends without relying on the backend developers to create additional endpoints. This is a real boon to the flexibility of the Solidus platform.

Much More

The progress doesn’t stop there. There’s a new importer extension for bringing large amounts of data in from other platforms. The Klarna extension and subscriptions extension have also both received lots of polish and updates.

The third quarter should bring omnichannel improvements, improved support for Next.js, and more complete developer guides. For full details, check out the roadmap update here and don’t forget to join us on Slack!

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