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Super Good's Solidus TaxJar extension hits 1.0.0
Benjamin Wil & Chris Todorov on February 01, 2024
Super Good's Solidus TaxJar extension hits 1.0.0
Benjamin Wil & Chris Todorov on February 01, 2024
Posted in Solidus
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Over the past year the team at Super Good has been working hard to meet the certification requirements for our Solidus TaxJar integration. This was our goalpost for the 1.0.0 version of the Solidus extension. Since TaxJar was acquired by Stripe their organization has changed and they no longer certify new integrations. Though our integration is officially uncertifiable now, we are proud of the team effort that went into meeting the requirements and are happy to announce the 1.0.0 release of the Super Good Solidus TaxJar extension 🎉

Until this release, the extension was focused on providing tax calculations for Solidus checkouts using TaxJar. This version adds the ability to push Solidus orders to the TaxJar reporting dashboard when orders are shipped, as well as an interface in the Solidus admin to report historical orders. This makes it easy for Solidus stores to use TaxJar’s AutoFile and Nexus Insights features. In addition to the reporting functionality, this release adds the ability to create Solidus tax categories from TaxJar’s list of product tax categories. This functionality is specific to product-level tax rules for the US.

One performance improvement we have introduced in version 1.0.0 is only making calls to the TaxJar API for taxable addresses. Previous to this change the extension would make requests regardless of whether the business had nexus in the region the order was being shipped to.

If you are using the Super Good Solidus TaxJar extension and want to leverage the new reporting features, we have a detailed guide on how to enable and use them on the extension’s wiki page on Reporting.

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