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Solidus v2.10 Released
Jared Norman on January 17, 2020
There's a new Solidus release out that includes Rails 6 support and much more!
Solidus v2.10 Released
Jared Norman on January 17, 2020
Posted in Solidus
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There’s been some great development work done on Solidus since the v2.9 release. The community continues to do fantastic work and there’s a lot to show for it in this release.

Rails 6 Support

One of the big things that the new version brings is support for Rails 6. Rails 6 includes many great improvements including multiple database support, a big win for stores that are scaling up and facing database bottlenecks.

Solidus v2.10 also deprecates Rails 5.1 support. While this release still supports Rails 5.1, that version has hit its maintenance end-of-life and is no longer receiving security fixes. If you’re still running Rails 5.1 you should consider upgrading.

State Machine Customization

If you have heavy customizations to the Solidus state machines, you’ll like this one: state machines have been extracted from their respective models and can be completely replaced (#3356).

This shouldn’t directly impact any stores as this is a backwards-compatible change, but if you’re brave you can now completely replace any of the state machines in your app rather than being forced to hack in your customizations another way.

Lots More!

There were hundreds of changes merged that I’ve not mentioned here: bug fixes, improvements to the admin interfaces, lots of documentation updates and more!

One of my favourite small changes is that the configurable tax system that was built by Adam Mueller (#1892) has been made official (#3354)! It had been marked as “experimental” for some time, but it’s a stable API that we’ve built great stuff with, like our Solidus TaxJar extension.

Check out the official release announcement and the changelog on GitHub!

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